21 May 2017

Gostegodd 006

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This weeks words: flaccid, lullaby, sack

Stonesblood. Mark didn’t know how old it was, but it had that preserved look of planetbound cities. Of course, there were towers, with cracked bells clanging out sonorous lullabies. Flaccid socks of gaudy materials designed to flap when the atmosphere span at a different speed to the rock. A whole language built up around those.
Rock everywhere.

The walls, rock dozens of hands thick, conjuring up armies camped outside, waiting for their opportunity to sack and loot the riches inside.  Stealing money was very different these days.

He passed through the scanners; and let his breath slide between his teeth.

12 September 2016

Renting a Mustang

For Prediction Fiction here
This weeks words: fob, indigo, prevent

I waited impatiently, two cars behind you at the lights.

You had ignored me for eighteen months last time, this time only two days after fobbing me off with some lame but plausible line. You weren’t to know I had prepared myself this time, nurtured my indigo bruised heart inside its shell before handing it to you along with a hammer. Thinking myself prepared for rejection but god, however can you be when it comes a different way each time?

The lights changed, one more set before the viaduct. Engine revving greedily. I will prevent you from ignoring me again.

11 September 2016

Dark River 016

George, a pale plastic hero
"Give me the helicopter!"
Heat or humans, sixty-eight people outlined

We missed one

Glasses watched the travellers
Every person kind, impossible to hide

dark river 013

Storm children,
their mouths ice crystals

and a blue nylon parka

Thirteen long boys
taste the snowflakes

03 September 2016

Gostegodd 005

For Prediction Fiction here
This weeks words: channel, hike, petrichor

Mark hiked his carrysack crosswise over his shoulders, ready for the short freefall shuttle trip down to the planet, and to the unyielding Petrichor. The city complex was also called Stonesblood by those who came to make complex trades with it’s hard but slippery inhabitants.

He and the dozen others were channelled through the scanners at the shuttle door. Mark wasn’t entirely sure that his credentials would pass muster, but they were the best the Wrthiannau could make. If not, it was all over, and the implant on the palm of his left hand would be activated.

The suicide button.

01 September 2016

#awakeaugust 31

A pick me up at the end of an era, kind words, hugs and an espresso martini. A new veneer of sophistication

31 August 2016

#awakeaugust 30

Autopilot / sleep driving.
This is my penultimate time on this route, and for lack of attention (and checking out how badly my hair is blowing around in the wind with the top down), it comes very close to being a last route anywhere. Slamming on the brakes  and pitching forward, finishing a metre off the bumper of the little read car in front. The queue for the roundabout starts so much sooner at 8am rather than 6am.

29 August 2016

dark river 015

Further experiments in erasure art/poetry:

Night Vision

The lower heat, the two combined
Nathan had been watched,
no sugar white vision
Short, gray, something severe

Guards lowered their eyes

He was inside one person
Outside the trees, making a human being

This is the first page of a  collaboration with Sandra Davies. We both have a copy of the same book (The Dark River by John Twelve Hawks) and are working through the pages, seeing what we make of each...
Here is Sandra's page 015; and you can see the images side by side at darkrivererasure.blogspot.co.uk
With lots of nods to Tom Philips, and inspired by a discussion of work by Adam Byatt at A Fullness in Brevity

Gostegodd 004

For Prediction Fiction here
This weeks words: alpha, convulse, refulgent

Aonghasa, captain of the Knave of Dschubba, swung his feet up onto the refulgent instrument panel and leaned, grinning, far over the back of the chair; it seemed his spine would crack.
Six more orbits at this end-of-run port, and then back home for Alpha Centauri, and then a break before he hired himself and the ship out to Canopus Cruises for a lucrative but mind numbingly dull jaunt around the local galaxy tourist hotspots.

He waited for the call from Gearraid, almost convulsed with excitement at the amount of money promised for the guns in the hold.

#awakeaugust 29

I have lived here twenty eight months, and only today noticed the birds at each window. The compact little body dwarfed by the swoop of wing, the jaunty beak and the backwards staring eye. How often have I gripped their mute feathers in my palm and twisted? And how cruel that they are all inside the flat, silently pleading for the wind?

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28 August 2016

#awakeaugust 28

The intrusiveness.
The whine, the vibrations, the buzz.
The alien against your tongue.
The sudden amplification of those sensations as the shaft bumps against another tooth in your mouth. My dentist said I should try an electric toothbrush.

27 August 2016

#awakeaugust 27

I do still have grey flat 'rock' outside my window; cracked and lined. There are three filled trenches at the junction between the kerb and the pedestrian island, and a wider one the follows the corner and the double yellow line, fresh as butter. The white stop triangle and the hatched area are eroded, the paint only speckled in places.
I am missing the stones of the Burren

26 August 2016

#awakeaugust 26

The appliquéd flowers on the hem of my sarong cast shadows on the wooden floor like leaves under a tree, dappling and pulsing in a soft breeze.

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25 August 2016

#awakeaugust 25

Between heading to the bar and waiting for the Guinness to settle, it has started to rain at my table outside the pub door. A small shower, I wrap my shawl around me and place a book over my pint and wait for the drops to pass.

24 August 2016

#awakeaugust 24

The golden days don't come so often on the Wild Atlantic way, but when they do, oh. They are the distillation of picture postcards, the sea dancing turquoise with its white frilly knickers on display for the world. The sands are warm toast and butter. the wind runs past you, queen of the sand dunes with the green marram stalks chattering and bowing towards you.

Bella stands in the waves, all lithe backbone, her mermaids tail hidden by the surf.

23 August 2016

#awakeaugust 23

Sitting chatting on the sand, each of us half in, half out of a wetsuit, in the swash. The upwash strong enough to push your legs, and in the backwash the bubbles scurry back to the sea, little creatures returning to their element.

22 August 2016

#awakeaugust 22

A Yorkshire terrier, the same colour and raggedness as the piles of seaweed washed up by the tide on Traught beach. The Atlantic waters a frigid challenge under the scudding clouds. Shrieking and cursing, four of us duck under the waves.

21 August 2016

#awakeaugust 21

At the nature sanctuary, Aoife is enthusiastic and her tongue goes faster than her memory sometimes as she explains and conveys the excitement of geography, palaeontology and botany to us; exulting and bountiful in her welcoming of us to her corner of the world.

In the rain waiting for the Galway Hookers, a pale youth with dark shaved hair squints as he smokes outside the Pier Head, wishing the two visitors dancing in the puddles to be out of his corner of the world
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