23 September 2017

034/100 days of aspirin

So, the nearest park does have some exercise machines but not ones that are any use for me... it's very close to the dual carriageway bridge across the Taff here, constant tyre noise, the engines hardly audible these days.
I can see the back of my block of flats from here although I have never been to this part of the park before.
It's a cloudy day, with sun trying to break through, edges of the paths are damp although the crest is dry. Autumnal, milder than expected.

And another weekend morning email.  

22 September 2017

033/100 days of aspirin

Full of cold today, my back aches when I sneeze or cough. Lemsip tastes like a treat. Not a lot of walking today, but I am doing well with the ankle stretching. It bends, now.

Ellis 008

For Prediction Fiction here
This weeks words: abnegate, core, whisky

One reason I disliked Jessica so much was because Jasper had told her my real, abnegated name, she used it because it was my real name. Self righteous, smug bitch.

Ellie just felt like me, fun and friendly around a core of doing things right. Shining Light, it meant, hmmm.

Topaz was a call girl name. Topaz Ellis sounded sultry and seductive as a glass of single malt whisky sipped in a smoky club with deep leather sofas.

I blame the commune Parents. Jasper got off lightly, Beryl and Pearl would grow into their names eventually. I pitied poor Malachite.

21 September 2017

032/100 days of aspirin

Grey and wet start to the day, a slow morning. Feeling muffled too, as I am coming down with a cold.
Standing up is pretty comfortable now, prepared most of breakfast that way. Just got to work out how to use one crutch only so I can carry things rather than pick and place around the kitchen.
A friend over, a daunting but valued request, more work needed on blanket design, and then a meal out, catching up with some old faces.
Blackberry rum at bedtime, to try and dry out the cold. And because autumn is well and truly here, thinking about infusions for Christmas and realising that last year's batch needs consuming!

20 September 2017

031/100 days of aspirin

Although I've no specific advice about walking, I was a little surprised at how much my leg had wasted, so while the weather is nice I intend to get out and about. I got twice as far today as yesterday, to the end of the road (and back)
Camomile tea at the café today... t-shirt weather.

And an unplanned extension to the walk, when arriving back at the flat, the floor was clean, and wet. It slopes too, and I decided discretion was the better part of valour, and wandered off in the other direction for a while until it was dry. So in the end I walked four times as far as yesterday; and I feel OK for it. The heels of my palms are sore, and my fingers ache from gripping, but the walking felt fine.

19 September 2017

Ellis 007

For Prediction Fiction here
This weeks words: ambiguous, cane, solitary

The sausages sizzled in the pan, along with a solitary flat mushroom. I was ambiguously glad that my lapses of the night before, whatever they were, might not be my fault.

I wasn’t exactly on a final warning, but it would have been difficult to explain being that caned while on duty. I wasn’t a bad police officer, sometimes I let my hair down so much the mornings after were a bit wobbly. Social nerves. Jasper was okay, he knew what I was like, and why.

But, who was there last night that would slip me drugs for free?

030/100 days of aspirin

After the excitement of yesterday, time to get into a new phase. Need to become more active. My injured leg has lost a lot of calf muscle from what I can see - all the bottom of the calf muscle is gone, and only the lumpier bit at the top remains. My thigh muscle remains adequate - it's been doing the bulk of the work, lifting up the leg and cast to keep it clear of things.

A treat this morning, a bath. A bit of a logistical issue, getting things to the right place in the bathroom, and getting in and out and dressed again, but managed it eventually.
The skin that came off though, not exactly in sheets, but in little rolls clumping white in the bright orange towel. Weeks of accumulated dead skin, soaked and loosened by the water. next time, I will pumice in the water. The wound looks quite neat, still some scabbing and it feels tender, but survived a bath and a quick patting dry.

Google street images, one of the kids playparks near here has the outdoor gym stuff in it, but I don't think it's the closest one. Wondering how far away it is, for a walk this afternoon...

18 September 2017

029/100 days of aspirin

And it's off!
I got to the hospital 40 minutes early, not knowing what the traffic would be like at that time of day, and my heart sunk as the waiting room was already crowded when I arrived. But in five minutes my name was called, and I was round in waiting room 2. Cast sawn off ten minutes after that and straight into X-ray.
All healing well according to the doctor, who wants me to put full weight on the leg by the end of the week.
I recognised so many faces at the Trauma clinic, staff and the occasional patient. I guess most of us will get a 1/2/4 week cycle of appointments so it's not that surprising. It's a powerful thing, the brain, so much processing power, facial recognition when there's no saying you'll ever see that face again.

Walking around the flat, just for the sake of it. I'm still holding a lot of my weight on the crutches, fearful of letting go, although I can stand unaided, stepping unaided is another thing entirely. Taking the boot off every couple of hours and stretching the ankle out - muscles, ligaments. It was pathetic how far it moved at the first attempt, but now I can move it in some directions much more freely. Aiming to catch up with the other foot.

I was all mentally set up to go outside for a walk too, 4pm, after the kids have left the school I could walk down the path and rest on a bench there if needed. And then the skies opened, so I put it off until tomorrow. Story of my life.

17 September 2017

028/100 days of aspirin

Maybe the last day of the green cast. Here's hoping that doesn't put a jinx on it.
Unexpected email this morning too, need to put head back on an even keel.

16 September 2017

027/100 days of aspirin

Bright and blustery again, outside.
Inside, not so much. Plans fell through but had an unexpected visitor. Felt myself going on and on and them desperate to get away. How much of that was in my head?
But hit the halfway mark in the mitred blanket. Downhill from here.

15 September 2017

026/100 days of aspirin

The mornings are getting cold, staying in bed under the duvet is so tempting. Even when it's bright outside, which is intermittent. Heavy showers from bright-but-dull zinc skies.
The blanket grows to a background of Netflix and Amazon films and TV. Although I like the subtitled foreign crime dramas, they're harder to concentrate on when knitting, especially picking up stitches.
I watched British crime capers; gangsters in The Wee Man, art fraud in Doors Open and zombies in an episode of Jonathan Creek. Cosy mysteries that aren't too mysterious. Needing gentle puzzles rather than man's inhumanity to man perhaps.

14 September 2017

025/100 days of aspirin

One blister pack of tablets down, three more to go. I had the aspirin late today, my sleep patterns aren't very stable at the moment, and the sun was out so I opened the doors and lay at the end of the bed to feel the light and warmth on my skin. Only for an hour or so.
Another trip out this evening, for a friends birthday meal. Showered, dressed, nails redone. Card and present done. Waiting for my lift. Worrying about how close we will be able to park to the restaurant. Worrying about getting enough energy back to live a normal life again...

13 September 2017

024/100 days of aspirin

I'm not doing much new. Rereading books, rewatching old tv series. Knitting. making the same motions, over and over and over. Up stairs. Down stairs.
The supermarket delivery bloke was from Scotland this time. Never the same one twice. Chatty, which makes a change.
It's all just so slow. People keep asking "how's the leg doing?" as if I can see it getting better, but I can't see anything. It's just as much of a mystery to me.

12 September 2017

023/100 days of aspirin

A day of recovery after yesterdays exertions. I was falling asleep at 9pm yesterday, and didn't actually get out of bed this morning until ten thirty. Dozing in the sunlight.
My shoulder muscles ache the most, along with waves of toothache. Lifting my arms over my head hurts, so no exercises today. Knitting hurted to start with, but after six squares already today, it's eased a bit.
So, wine.

11 September 2017

Ellis 006

For Prediction Fiction here
This weeks words: bland, chime, perpetual

“Oh, Ellie. That, still? Kurt Petersson is a boring workaholic with nothing else in his life!”
I thought he was dangerously bland, a case of still waters running deep. And he did look like a knitting pattern man, which definitely chimed with me. Chiselled jaw and looking into the distance.
“Ha Jasper, you can talk. You’re still holding a candle for the perpetually smug Jessica, aren’t you?”
“Jessica isn’t sending me into dangerous situations though,” he pointed out. Correctly, damn him.
“I’m sure Kurt didn’t think I’d be drugged!”
“Where is he now? Not exactly looking out for you, eh?”

022/100 days of aspirin

3 weeks today since I last left the house, and a major outing today. The Coal Exchange must be, what, two to three minutes walk normally for me. A fifteen minute jaunt from the parking places round the back left me absolutely knackered. Climbing the four steps into the building was tough, although I was wobblier on the way out - sugar overload?
But, for all the effort, it was well worth it, to go out and be normal again. Conversation about jobs or lack of them, retiring, tv shows and cakes and knitting. Normal things with normal people. A slice of life.

And the afternoon tea was really very good!

10 September 2017

021/100 days of aspirin

3 weeks in... time is slow today, after the excitement of my ring and two visitors yesterday, I just throw on the same dress and make my way to the sofa for knitting. A reheated sort of day - had two further portions of the lentil & chicken curry I cooked yesterday, microwaved. More portions to the freezer.

I watched tv a lot, hours of the overly earnest Professor Brian Cox discussing but not really explaining the wonders of the universe, all while travelling to some of the most beautiful spots on this planet. I watched a classic 80's movie, which was rather dull. I watched a gentle observational comedy about life on a hospital ward. I knitted.

My ring, which is supposed to help me stamp out thoughts of a possible future with R in it, at the moment is just reminding me of his absence from my life. An absence that he chose but I enforce. Oh well, as Scarlett says, Tomorrow is another day.

09 September 2017

020/100 days of aspirin

It's arrived!
My "let the past wash away" ring, and a beautiful thing it is too...

The sun is out for a bit, and two friends are popping in today. Why do hands always look weird in photos? 
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